We provide full management of all inspection and maintenance related tasks through our consultancy service.

Even the best-designed facilities and buildings require inspection and maintenance, whether this is planned or for a specific problem.

As a leading provider of inspection and maintenance services at height, we have the industry experience, knowledge and resources available to provide the right solution. Our experience and expertise are tailored to your specific needs meaning you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have a dedicated team on your side.

Our cooperative approach to consultancy means we can quickly transfer our expertise and knowledge to help you overcome problems with clear solutions.

These solutions are managed through consultancy advice, inspection and surveys, quantified findings, working at height, project management and subsequent maintenance. Our proactive find and fix approach is what our customers like about us and why they continue to use us.

Our consultancy services also help companies meet the required compliance and safety standards in line with their inspection and maintenance objectives. We work in partnership with our clients to provide the necessary services to help them reduce risk, plan, and operate their business safely and with confidence.

We can help you and your staff assess overall maintenance effectiveness and incorporate industry-best practices into your inspection and maintenance procedures. We are experts on safety and fall protection systems and are able to provide the very best advice on installation and testing frequencies to ensure they conform to EN standards.

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You can reach our Managing Director, Anthony Kirwan on | 01642 919445

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