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Welcome to WeareIMS, a specialist team in bird prevention and inspection maintenance programmes. Based in Middlesbrough, Teesside our services are offered in the local area, across the North East and UK wide. To find out how we can help you conserve good business practice and a clean environment, get in touch today

It’s regrettable the negative impact nesting birds have on businesses and premises. The best way to maintain hygiene levels is via regular inspections. When visiting, our team works fully within The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This specific legislation is there to protect both animals and their habitats and this is an extremely important factor to bear in mind. 

A routine inspection consists of examining existing control systems. A concise schedule of condition report will then highlight any potential areas of concern. We’ll outline our capabilities and make recommendations on gaining access to rectify issues. 

At WeareIMS, our skilled team employs a range of safe and humane methods in carrying out pest control. When it comes to nesting gulls, we understand the difficulties and problems attached. Should you be faced with this issue, as a last resort, we can, with a government licence, kill urban gulls. Whilst not ideal, this last ditch attempt ensures the full health and well-being of anyone visiting your building.

Bird Prevention Inspection

Inspections are executed swiftly via the use of a commercial drone. This effective method assesses existing conditions quickly, is cost effective and most importantly, reduces any health and safety risks in terms of access at height. Secondary to a commercial drone is rope access, used only if CAA regulations are in place.

The WeareIMS team are professionally IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Association) trained and have many years of successful industry experience.

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