Non-Destructive Testing & Visual Inspection

We provide conventional and advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) and visual inspection services for a wide range of industries from oil and gas, defense, construction and power generation.

We can ensure the reliability and longevity of your components, structures, production facilities and plant assets with our innovative inspection services and materials testing.

Our team of highly skilled PCN & CSWIP qualified technicians can offer inspection, testing and analysis techniques cost-effectively without compromising integrity.

Our extensive expertise and knowledge mean we can select the right techniques and procedures to identify defects and irregularities and provide you with necessary data to assist you in making informed decisions. Ensuring you remain compliant, operational, reliable and safe.

We can help you avoid the potential for catastrophic consequences, unforeseen production interruptions and financial losses with early detection to areas of concern, operating inefficiencies or in-service failures.

Our all-in-one service from design and manufacture to operation and maintenance, coupled with our ability to provide prompt completion makes us your ideal partner. All of our services support quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance and HSEQ, as well as repair and plant maintenance.

Here are the key capabilities we use when carrying out asset integrity assessments and in-service inspections:

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