Rope Access

Rope access is the safest means and most effective way of conducting inspection and maintenance work at height. It is a mobile and cost-effective approach.

As a specialist rope access service provider, our multi-disciplined and highly-skilled workforce is trained to IRATA standards and follow comprehensive ICOP guidelines and company SSOW. Frequent robust IRATA training ensures our technicians are suitably prepared for the adrenaline-inducing working environment and will be completely aware of the required task and roles of responsibilities.

We offer a variety of rope access solutions that enables you to easily carry out inspection and maintenance services for offshore and onshore assets. From high-rise buildings and complex structures to bridges, wind turbines or cruise ships, we can skillfully navigate our way around safely. Our team are equipped and experienced to tackle everything from surveys to comprehensive reports, installations, industrial cleaning, pest control, maintenance and repair works.

There are many benefits to using rope access. It is incredibly versatile and can be utilised to fit a wide variety of applications. Systems are installed and dismantled with speed, making the process efficient and less disruptive, resulting in minimal chances to loss of production.

Rope access is rapidly becoming renowned as the safest means of working at height. Statistically to date, the safest method of access achieves fewer reported incidents or accidents than other forms of construction activity. Meaning it is an excellent alternative to conventional methods such as scaffolding or mobile elevated operating platforms (MEWPS).

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